Her story

I thought FOR SURE I would know when Scott was going to ask me to marry him.  I thought for sure he would act strange and nervous — but he was cool as a cucumber.  Nothing was off about his behavior!  A part of me did think he was going to propose on our trip to Half Dome.  But as we started our hike into Little Yosemite that first day, I thought no way!! We were working hard, moving fast, and had to seriously concentrate as we climbed the ropes.  There was no way Scott would distract me with a proposal during this physical challenge!!

I had absolutely no idea Scott was going to ask me to marry him on our cruise to Alaska with his grandpa and brother Jared.  The morning of the proposal Scott was checking the weather of our current port, Juneau, and got very upset because it was rainy and we couldn’t hike as he had planned.  Scott does get angry if anything obstructs his chance at challenging physical activity, but this was unusual, especially since we had hiked the day before.

I was extremely happy with our second choice activity, which was to go to Mendenhall Glacier. I had never seen a glacier before, so I was quite excited.  We made it over to the glacier after a 45 minute drive and the scene was absolutely stunning. Scott, Jared, and I made our way to get a closer look at the glacier after dropping grandpa off at the visitor’s center.  The view was spectacular and I of course got my iPhone out to start taking pictures and posting them of Facebook. There was a perfect spot to take photos and I joking said to Scott, “Let’s take some engagement photos.” This had been a long standing inside joke between us for months as he greatly dislikes posed engagement photos.  Usually his response is a begrudging, “Okay…” as all I mean is that I want to take some photos together. We took a few photos near a very active waterfall, but I was freezing!  I had to get out of there.  As we were walking back towards the visitor’s center, Scott grabbed my hand and said “Let’s take some more engagement photos.”  As if that weren’t weird enough, he ACTUALLY started getting down on one knee and reaching into his jacket pocket!!  I couldn’t believe it!!! I kept saying, “Oh my God, you’re joking!”  But he wasn’t joking!!  Scott asked me to marry him and soon enough I was crying.  Of course I said “YES!!!!”  I was jumping up and down all the way back to the visitors center as we called our family and friends. I am so grateful that Jared was there to capture the whole thing!  It was the most perfect day and we celebrated for the rest of the trip.

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